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We would love to beautify your boat
On site your marina, yacht club, public or private storage location anywhere in Ontario

top to bottom and front to back
We perform interior and exterior yacht detailing, waxing, polishing, compounding, wood refinishing, gel coat repairs and steam cleaning from the canvas top down to the engine mounts

  • Deck Wash - Deck line and above

    Deck surface detailng stem to stern always include the cockpit, canvass and lockers.

  • Deck Polishing - Surface Correction

    Gel coat restoration above the deck line including stainless polishing

  • Hull Wash - Above the waterline to deck line

    Hull surface detailng done right and completely eliminating black streaks and hard water spots.

  • Hull Polishing - Hi-Speed polishing

    Hull polishing and compounding services include waterline to deck-line/rub-rail and include the transom

  • Interior - Beyond the companionway

    You choose the depth of interior detail where respect is our number one guideline. 

  • Bottom - Below the waterline

    Below the waterline are details that always require a ton of effort and flexibiity. Ask us to do the dirty work of cleaning, prep and antifouling.

  • Protection - Surface coatings

    Every surface top to bottom of a watercraft requires a protective barrier preventing oxidation and growth algae on the bottom. 

curious how we beautify boats ?

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