A great day

December 4, 2019 at 11:30 PM
by Shane "Spike" Desloges

Today was full of amazing blessings. Without ruining the surprise by name dropping ; what I can say that two very familiar people have recognized the value of our businesses evolution.

It's obvious to many that have been a part of our story that a lot has changed in the world and we are the small business that is always innovating beyond expection to meet our customers of tomorrow today!

Customers have shown huge interest in supporting our next giant leap forward. We are always open to collaborators, especially those that understand how the yachting business landscape is changing slowly but absolutley to meet the next generation of boaters, The melenialls.

A new region is opening up around the bruce peninsula. Lake Huron and Nottawasga Bay have recieved one off visits over the years but now we are looking forward to establishing a team of 5 plus one regional manger for 2020. The North Channel is a truly beautiful region I've always dreamed of retiring to someday so making a bunch of boating friends now is on the agenda!

In other news, I just learned today I have a big sister. A half sister named Lina. This is Awesome.

My younger brother Chris and a few cousins started into the dna testing and revealed some new family. +1 sister +2 nieces Mila and Neve. Really cant wait to get them out on the white pearl for a boat ride!!!