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  • Tug Scrub 1 L

    We use Tug Scrub all over every boat, top to bottom front to back, inside and out! It works on everything from plain dirt, bird and spider droppings to even tree sap!

  • Spike's PT

    Spike's Protectin' Thangs is proven to reduce or eliminate surface damage and is a great exterior surface sealant for boats - large or small. Protect your investment from the very beginning with a product that will produce an unbeatable shine.

  • Exterior Care Kit

    Spike's Violence: Bilge Cleaner & Degreaser 

    Quick Time: Multi - Surface Cleaner 

    Clean Seats: Leather & Vinyl Cleaner 

    Safe Seats: Leather & Vinyl Protector

    Bio Soap: Biodegradable Soap

    (All bottles are 237ml.)

    Also Includes:

    1 Onewipe disposable micro-fibre and;

    1 Micro-fibre cloth. 

  • Interior Care Kit


    (All bottles contain 237ml.)

    Spike's Violence: Bilge Cleaner & Degreaser

    Quick Time: Multi - Surface Cleaner

    Gun it: Deodorizing Stain Remover

    One Scent: Odour Neutralizer 

    Sea Through: Glass Cleaner 

    Also contains:

    1 Onewipe Disposable Micro-Fibre and;

    1 Micro-Fibre Cloth

  • Springbox

    Springbox is 10 litres of pure Canadian artesian spring water, in a box.

    Discounted for bulk purchases